The Art of Cloud Diagramming

Cloud diagramming is an essential skill in today’s IT landscape. It involves creating visual representations of an organization’s cloud infrastructure, making it easier to understand and manage1. This article will delve into the art of cloud diagramming, its benefits, and how it can improve your organization’s cloud computing services.

What is Cloud Diagramming?

Cloud Architecture Diagrams are used to visually document an organization’s enterprise cloud computing services1The infrastructure of these services can be complex, so creating a cloud architecture diagram is a good way to describe the cloud environment for your organization’s documentation, make plans for updates, or troubleshoot issues1.

Benefits of Cloud Diagramming

The primary benefit of using a cloud architecture diagram is that it makes your architecture visual1Visual communication can often unlock complex ideas or help non-technical stakeholders grasp an unfamiliar concept1. But, there are specific use cases for cloud architecture diagramming worth considering:

  1. Document Current-State Infrastructure: With updated documentation, you can easily onboard new employees or other leaders in your organization to help them understand the infrastructure that supports their day-to-day work1.
  2. Troubleshoot an Issue: Having a clear diagram can help you pinpoint which components could be creating problems1.
  3. Demonstrate Compliance: If your organization needs to maintain certain certifications, creating a diagram can help structure your documentation and demonstrate that your organization meets their required standards1.
  4. Plan for Future States: When it comes to expanding or building upon your organization’s cloud computing resources, being able to illustrate where you need to add components or relationships can help you make the business case to your leadership team1.

Tools for Cloud Diagramming

There are several tools available that can assist in creating detailed and meaningful diagrams of logical, physical, and every layer in between2. Some popular ones include:

  1. A free online architecture diagramming software based on the open source project by the same name and made available under the Apache 2.0 license2.
  2. Gliffy by Perforce: Offers comprehensive guides and resources for creating AWS Architecture Diagrams and GCP Architecture Diagrams1.


The art of cloud diagramming is a crucial skill for any IT professional. It not only helps in understanding and managing complex cloud infrastructures but also aids in planning future expansions and demonstrating compliance. With the right tools and understanding, one can master this art and significantly enhance their organization’s cloud computing capabilities.

Remember, “A picture is worth a thousand words”. In the world of IT architecture, a well-crafted cloud diagram could be worth a thousand lines of explanation.

I hope this article provides you with a comprehensive understanding of the art of cloud diagramming. Happy diagramming!

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